Short and Sweet, with immediate effect

  • Look at you in your entirety – 360˚ & holistic approach.
  • Define your aims and goals.
  • Consider your strengths and potential, but also your deficits.
  • 80% practical work with client-centred approach to learning.
  • Developing realistic exercises and tasks that individually suit you and your daily life.
Schlaffhorst-Andersen has a strong position in the prevention and therapy of breathing, speech, language and voice disorders. It is widely used in trainings and coachings of people with speechintensive occupations or in the artistic work with professional actors/ musicians, singers and amateurs in the classical, rock, pop, jazz and musical fields. It is also relevant in the psychosomatic field.Speech-Language Pathologists are authorized for the treatment of all logopedic disorder images, both from statutory and private health insurances.
The Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) is an innovative and pioneering method for anyone interested in working with the voice. The concept is based on the aim to include, comprehend and classify every sound that can be produced by the human voice. This allows singers, actors and professional speakers concrete and conceiving solutions for a variety of vocal challenges - with the health of the voice always in the foreground. The method is based on current vocal research and vocal pedagogy and is recommended internationally by singers, voice teachers, actors, speech therapists and physicians.
The academic program of Phonetics and Speech Processing is divided into the areas of experimental phonetics, psycholinguistics and speech processing. It is characterized by close content-related and methodological connections to psychology, linguistics and computer science. It focuses on the phenomena of communication and spoken language, its rules and correlations. In addition to cognitive processes, human and machine language technologies and systems are examined.