Speech Training, Voice Formation, Singing, Breathing, Therapy
Possible Areas
  • Therapy & Healthcare: prevention and treatment of voice, speech,language, cognition, breathing and swallowing disorders
  • Vocal Transformation: reveal the sound you love
  • Gain and enhance self confidence
  • Stage Presence: give a winning performance on stage
  • Connect to your Audience: engage and keep them attentive
  • Relationships & Communication principles: basics of persuasion,appreciation and receiver-oriented language in personal communication
  • Spark and arouse the right emotions
  • Handle nervousness, stress or stage fright
  • Body Actions and Language: appearance, gestures & facial expression
  • Articulation & Pace: be clearly, distinctly and comprehensibly understood
  • Pronunciation: rules and systems of the languages
  • Voice: learn and train techniques for tone (vocal sound, effects, soundcolor), volume and pitch (melody/ intonation) to strike the right tone, speak efficiently, empathically and with impact as well as adapt voice-projection to the situation (e.g. strong and space-filling without fatigue)
As Speech-Language-Pathologist I am licensed to treat breathing, speech, language and voice disorders on prescription. Only private patients are accepted.
Benefit of 1on1
  • Learn and train at your own pace: personalised attention, consistency and customisation with a specialised training plan
  • Enjoy professional discretion: honest and trustful atmosphere
  • Accommodated to your schedule
  • Flexibility in venue, in-person or virtually
There are flexible options as to whether the training should take place in person or virtually. Coaching venue t.b.d.; dates on request
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Your voice is like your fingerprint: unique and authentically you. Your voice defines you. It only takes a moment of talking to identify someone by the sound. Your voice is your calling card and the most important element in your brand. Celebrate your uniqueness and embrace your voice to the best potential!

For all who have a personal motivation to intensively optimise, empower or brand their voice and speech skills.

The content of this program is tailored to the individual and continuously adapted according to your personal needs and progress. We work together to create an optimised learning environment and suitable occasions, to enable intensive personal reflection, testing and implementation of the imparted knowledge.