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Coaching and Consulting with cross-cultural, international focus
Public Speaking Skills
Do you often feel unprepared and struggle with public speaking? Do you find yourself using too many filler words or losing your audience's attention because of speaking too softly or too quickly? Are you unsure about maintaining eye contact or what to do with your hands?
If these challenges sound familiar, it's time to take action!

This course "Improve your public speaking skills - Give it a voice!" is designed to help you overcome these challenges and become a confident speaker, making a lasting impact on your audience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to finally feel good during your speech!
Moderation Training
Your voice speaks volumes about you; it not only identifies your origin and credibility, it also reveals your level of enthusiasm, confidence and control. As a skilled facilitator, you must understand that your voice connects you to people and moves them emotionally. In this role, it becomes your responsibility to use your voice purposefully.

If you aspire to refresh or enhance your facilitation skills, leading productive discussions, meetings or workshops, then this program "Moderation Training - Polite, targeted and clear guidance" is perfect for you.
Online Conference Platforms
Frustrated with feeling unheard in online meetings? You're not alone.
In the virtual world of online conferences, your voice becomes the bridge between pixels on a screen; and many struggle to make an impact when limited by a display.

This program "How to Perform in Online Conferences" equips you with the tools to overcome common voice challenges in online meetings. You will practice vocal techniques and be introduced to the technical skills, rules and principles of online conference platforms.
English Course Extension
Words matter less than you think. Research has proven that in conversation, no one really cares about language skills or perfect vocabulary and grammar, as long as you find a way to express yourself. Over 90% of communication happens through body actions and the sound you make. Stop wasting another minute on language courses that don't get you closer to actual conversations.

If you want to enjoy talking to people in a different language and feel confident about expressing yourself, this course is for you. The "Work related Speech Training" focuses on business-related communication in a global, cross-cultural environment. Throughout the sessions, you will learn essential voice and speech techniques while also increasing your awareness of body language.
Women Only
“A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” — Melinda Gates

Many women face challenges in finding their most impactful voice in professional settings. This can manifest in different ways, like speaking too quietly and constantly being interrupted, sounding hesitant or uncertain or struggling with a pitch that lacks authority.

I'm here to guide you through this transformative journey. Let's reshape those challenges into an authentic and versatile voice that you control!

This program "Women, Find Your Voice." empowers all women, regardless of their current communication style, to authentically and confidently express themselves and form their professional presence.
Back to Expertise
You were not born with your voice, you were born with an instrument which you had to teach yourself to use. 

The voice is the most powerful communication tool that we possess and yet many are trapped behind voices, that do not convey or showcase the very best of who they are. Fortunately, the human voice is an instrument made up of cartilage, ligaments and muscles that we already have some idea how to play. You can become a vocal athlete and train to set your voice free, make your mark in the world and supercharge your success. 

The ranks of renowned communicators, the elite of voices, have managed to align who they are as a professional with how they sound when they speak. Every time they speak, they enjoy a seamless synergy between how they want to be perceived – all their good intentions and credibility – with the way people perceive them. And so can you! 

Discover your true potential in my Voice and Speech Coaching. Let’s tune your voice to meet your message and have the impact and influence you want!

Give it a Voice!