Business Program

Coaching and Consulting with cross-cultural, international focus
Presentation Skills
Improve your presentation skills - Get your point across

For all employees who would like to take their presentation skills to the next level and master an array of different public speaking situations.

This program provides you with the principles of effective presenting. Starting with the correct preparation and tool-box for your presentation, you will be guided through the individual elements of your presence in front of the audience. You will practice how to strategically address with the right format and how to spark  engagement.
Moderation Training
Polite, targeted and clear guidance

For all employees who want to learn basic chairing techniques or refresh their approach towards a more strategic guidance in their moderation in order to successfully lead target-oriented discussions, meetings and workshops or practice challenging communication situations.

In this program you will learn techniques and methods in order to gain even more confidence in your leadership. You will develop your own authentic style of being a host and learn to address with the right format. You will practice the act of balancing between taking the lead and facilitating all participants to express their different points of view.
Online Conference Platforms
How to handle Online Conference Platforms

For all employees who are interested in an introduction course to handling online platforms; as well as departments or groups that want to learn more about how to make a positive impact and change the culture and ways of co-working online.

In this program you will be introduced to basic technical skills and taught how to actively take part and make a positive impact using an online conference platform.
English Course Extension
Work related Speech Training

For all employees who are eager to boost their spoken English skills in different contexts in order to become confident when representing their company internationally.

This training focuses on business-related communication and problem-solving scenarios as you naturally apply the English language to master different challenges. While doing so, you will identify necessary voice and speech techniques as well as skills to become a convincing presenter, so to be effective in meetings and to negotiate successfully.
Women Only
Empower your female employees

The course is open to all female employees who wish to consciously strengthen and further improve their presence in various professional situations.

Within this safe framework you will get a chance to discuss and define your aims and goals as well as to consider your strengths and potential, along with your areas of improvement. We will walk through and analyse typical feminine communication habits, to provide you with a toolbox on how to boost your demeanour.
Back to Expertise
You were not born with your voice, you were born with an instrument which you had to teach yourself to use. 

The voice is the most powerful communication tool that we possess and yet many are trapped behind voices, that do not convey or showcase the very best of who they are. Fortunately, the human voice is an instrument made up of cartilage, ligaments and muscles that we already have some idea how to play. You can become a vocal athlete and train to set your voice free, make your mark in the world and supercharge your success. 

The ranks of renowned communicators, the elite of voices, have managed to align who they are as a professional with how they sound when they speak. Every time they speak, they enjoy a seamless synergy between how they want to be perceived – all their good intentions and credibility – with the way people perceive them. And so can you! 

Discover your true potential in my Voice and Speech Coaching. Let’s tune your voice to meet your message and have the impact and influence you want!

Give it a Voice!